Beaches Los Angeles


Find the best beaches in Los Angeles

L.A. is America’s beach-going capital. Literally dozens of L.A. beaches dot the coast both north and south of Downtown, and they run the gamut from romantic, secluded coves to wild party beaches and upscale shopping towns.

Manhattan Beach

This beautiful, popular residential beach city is located south of Downtown L.A. in Los Angeles County. The community is known for its upscale homes and the beach is popular with surfers and sand volleyball players and features a number of parks and recreational areas along the coast, including a municipal golf course.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is L.A.’s most notoriously strange and wonderful oceanside community. A string of funky markets and shops along the boardwalk sell knickknacks, secondhand items and faux name brand items, and much of the population of Venice Beach is weird and wonderful. The beach is also home to the famous “Muscle Beach” workout area, where the muscle-bound spend their mornings buffing up.

Huntington Beach

This upscale, artsy beach community has long been known as “Surf City USA”. Its signature pier was featured in several surfing movies, such as The Endless Summer, and there is now a surf museum and surf theater in Huntington Beach. The beach is also home to a colorful shopping district and a wonderful nightlife scene.

Santa Monica Beach

One of L.A.’s most famous beaches, you’ve probably seen Santa Monica Beach, with its recognizable pier, in movies and on TV. An ornate covered carousel sits along the pier and is a registered historic landmark, and Santa Monica is a great place for people-watching (especially L.A.’s skater culture) and swimming, and to catch a glimpse of 1960s kitsch.

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