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When traveling to Los Angeles, car rental is a must. L.A. is a sprawling city and many areas simply are not served by the meager mass transit system. When arriving to L.A. by plane, the best way to rent a car is to book one in advance for pick up at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). This massive airport is home to dozens of rental car companies, from local L.A. rental car companies to international car hire brands.

It is also possible to rent a car in Los Angeles if you are not arriving by plane. Most of the major rental car companies have offices around the city where cars can be picked up. Passengers arriving by train to L.A.’s Union Station will have no trouble picking up a rental car through Hertz or Budget, which operate desks inside Union Station.

L.A.’s traffic can be manic, especially during rush hour when the freeways are clogged with cars, sometimes at a standstill for hours on end. That said, the numerous massive highways that weave through the city make getting around L.A. by rental car quite convenient. You should expect to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour driving, just to get from one side of L.A. to the other.

When picking up your rental car in Los Angeles, you will need to show proof of a driver’s license from your home country, or preferably an international driver’s license, as well as a passport and major credit card. Most L.A. rental car agencies will also charge extra fees for insurance outside of the daily quoted rate.


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