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Travel to Los Angeles; the city has much to offer. From the child-like joys of Disneyland to upscale shopping on Rodeo Drive, there is a little something for everyone on a visit to L.A. With a name that means ‘the angels’ in Spanish, Los Angeles is the world’s center of entertainment. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, surfers and sleek, tanned bodies are all synonymous with L.A., where everything seems to take on a prettier gleam. A sprawling coastal city, Los Angeles has a mild climate where temperatures are warm year-round and long, sandy-beaches abound with families and sunbathers on a daily basis.

For many, L.A. travel is on the top of the list of possible American holidays, and tourists to L.A. usually want to catch a glimpse of a movie star or see a film being made. While these activities are certainly part of any L.A. travel itinerary, there is much more to L.A. tourism than celebrity sightings and mansion tours. The beach is an obvious destination for most, and L.A. has several unique beaches with interesting and sometimes bizarre atmospheres, such as Venice Beach, where all manner of tattooed and muscle-bound oddities can be seen roaming the boardwalks.

Being at the height of sophistication, L.A. is also home to some of America’s elite restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Its bumping nightlife tends to be the trendsetter for most of the United States, and indeed the world. The newest hip-hop songs and pop melodies are part of everyday life in Los Angeles, and it is not uncommon to hear film and music industry gurus shouting into their mobile phones over lunch.

L.A.’s beautiful weather and high profile lifestyle mean that most Angelinos are avid joggers and workout fanatics. Ocean sports, golf and hiking are all among the activities of choice for people living in Los Angeles, and there is never a shortage of spots around the city to partake in outdoor activities. For most tourists visiting L.A., this lifestyle doesn’t carry over, but it is important to pack a few of your best outfits if you plan to enjoy dinner or an evening out at one of the city’s chic restaurants or clubs.

Since the city is so spread out, the best way to travel in L.A. is to rent a car. The city does have a fine public transportation system that includes city buses and a small network of subway and light rain trains; however, many areas of L.A. still are not served by mass transit. Since many of the city’s sites, including Disneyland and all of the beaches, are located off of the light rail lines, a rental car is the most convenient way to get around during your visit to Los Angeles.


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